Present Help Mine


1858. Present Help Mine. September 4, 1996. Located on south side of the ridge, west of the summit of Mount Lincoln. Mineral survey #1245. Patent #5346 to Henry M. Bostwick February 15, 1882. This mine was located at 14,157 ft. and was the highest mine in Colorado, the U.S. and possibly North America. Was located on September 3, 1871 by William E. Musgrove and Addison M. James. When surveyed by U. S. deputy surveyor Lee Hayes on November 20, 1880 the frame house 25 ft. x 12 ft. covered the mine entrance and a frame house 39 ft. x 20 ft. was a dwelling house. Photo shows collapsed building with the summit of Mount Lincoln at right. Photo by Harvey N. Gardner. Source: South Park Historical Foundation