Knisley Family


45. Knisley Family. Was early settler who came to Bailey with his father in covered wagon. They built cabin on Deer Creek. Cabin was built without nails. They were so proud of its one window. Raymond married a local girl and they lived on Platte River near Shawnee where he built their log house. Their daughter Gertrude married Wesley Jones, brother of Wiley Jones. This picture shows Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Knisley, their son Archie with his wife Ivy (Tyler) and their family, Wesley & Gertrude Jones and Wiley Jones’s daughters Betty & Beverly. Raymond was a self made engineer & regraded road between Bailey & Shawnee in 1920’s. He was also a blacksmith. Charles Fitzsimmons called him a “Diamond in the Rough”. Source: Helen Purinton Jones.