Dolly Varden Mine


1832 - Dolly Varden Mine. August 4, 1996. Located on Mount Bross. Mineral survey #73. Patent #847 to George W. Brunk April 15, 1874. Located August 1, 1872 by George W. Brunk and Assyria Hall. It produced more than $1,000,000.00 in silver. The estate comprised 15 claims (102.31 acres). It was incorporated as the Hall and Brunk Silver Mining Company in 1877. Building shown might be on the Hiawatha claim which was located August 12, 1871 and rom1871-1876 it produced $232,798.96 in silver ore. It was bought by Hall and Brunk Silver Mining Company in 1872. Building could also be the Dolly Varden. Photo by Harvey N. Gardner. Source: South Park Historical Foundation