1141817James Link, Como rancher, is born
10271827Elizabeth Link, Como rancher, is born
271848James Tyler, Shawnee rancher, is born
8311851Benjamin Tyler, Shawnee rancher, is born
6261859Prospector killed near Jefferson Lake
141860Tarryall P. O. established
7261860Hamilton P. O. established
9151860Laurette (Buckskin Joe) town council organized
12311860Fairplay gets oldest county water right
2281861Colorado Territory established
6151861Beery Ditch oldest irrigation right in South Park
821861Fairplay P. O. established
8191861800+ residents vote in 1st Territorial election. Hamilton’s Daniel Witter elected to Legislature
1111861Park County established
11141861Laurette (Buckskin Joe) P. O. established
171862Co. seat moved from Tarryall City to Buckskin Joe
1101862Abraham Bergh land filing
1291862Charles Hall land filing
3121862Adolph Guiraud land filing
5201862Homestead Act enacted
7211862Montgomery P. O. established
8161862South Park salt for sale ad in Rocky Mountain News
1261862James Castello land filing
12231862Sterling P. O. established
411863Hepburn Ditch, oldest water right in Platte Canyon
631863James Castello land filing
8141863Pro-Union party picks candidates at convention in Fairplay
8201863O. W. Turner land filing
1061863Samuel Hartsel land filing
11151863Henry Farnum land filing
6261864Reynolds gang robs stage
7261864Reynolds gang robs stage near McLaughlin Ranch
511866Borden, Crosier, Farnum (1868) Ditches, oldest water rights on upper Tarryall
7171866George Williams of Sterling was issued US Patent Number 56480 for a dumping car
7171866George Williams of Sterling was issued US Patent Number 56481 for an improvement in elevators
10201866New buildings at Salt Works nearing completion
691867Salt Works reports 4,000 lbs. salt per day
8141867Henry Farnum land filing
9201867Sarah Tyler, Shawnee rancher, is born
1011867Margaret Kleinknecht, Hartsel merchant, is born
1121867Daniel McLaughlin land filing
11131867Thomas Dunbar land filing
12181867William Beery land filing
511868Farnum Ditch oldest water right on lower Tarryall
661868Jacob Radliff land filing
8271868Schuyler Colfax (future vice president) party makes pilgrimage up Mt. Lincoln
2261869South Park City (Fairplay) incorporated
3171869George Parmelee land filing
5161870Huge forest fire in northeast part South Park
7301870James Castello land filing
9241870Edward Smith land filing
10251870Frederick C. Morse of Buckskin was issued US Patent Number 108617 for an ore mill
121871Louis Guiraud land filing
2181871John Buyer, South Park rancher, is born
5101871Tremayne #1 ditch, oldest water right on W. Fourmile
5161871Grant P. O. established
5281871Buffalo Springs P. O. established
6231871John Link land filing
8251871Deer Valley P. O. established
9181871Elizabeth Entriken land claim near Bailey
1021871Henry Guiraud, South Park rancher, is born
421872William Bailey land claim
5101872Mining Law enacted
10311872Dudley P. O. established
12121872Slaght reports season’s crop of 40,000 lbs. potatoes
371873Alma P. O. established
5281873Charles Hall land filing
7101873Mary Ella Tyler, Shawnee rancher, is born
9231873William E. Musgrove of Fair Play was issued US Patent Number 143176 for an improvement for machines for clearing streets of snow
9261873Most of Fairplay burns
1221873Alma becomes incorporated
211874No snow reported in South Park
2241874Holland P. O. established
3131874Charles Hall land filing
6181874South Park City P. O. established
7151874Hall Valley smelter reported ready for operation
7241874Zach Taylor shoots Indian at Kenosha House
8101874Hall Valley P. O. established
8101874Kester P. O. established
9201874Fairplay Masons reported to have had meeting on top of Mt. Lincoln
1051874Vigilantes run hoodlum Jack Reynolds out of Alma
1171874Dedication of Fairplay Presbyterian Church is reported
11211874Courthouse is reported completed
11281874Telegraph line from Denver to Fairplay near completion
1271874Telegraph line from Denver to Alma is completed
12231874Rocky P. O. established
12261874Telegraph line is reported completed from Denver to Hall Valley smelter
3161875Hartsel P. O. established
3201875Olney Borden land filing
8101875Henry Clay Cass and George Read Rankin of Alma was issued US Patent Number 166499 for an improvement in boot trees
10131875Attempted break in at Fairplay bank
116187525,000 lbs. weekly freight from Colorado Springs to Fairplay & Alma is reported
11131875Attempted break in at Fairplay bank
1161876Ned Corbin, Bailey rancher, is born
311876Tim Borden land filing
811876Colorado becomes a state
4251877Hardy Epperson land filing
571877Webster P. O. established
10221877John Tremayne land filing
4161878Hans Mortensen of Alma was issued US Patent Number 202453 for an improvement in torpedo boats
9131878Fairville P. O. established
9271878Platte Station (Weston Pass tollgate) P. O. established
11201878Bailey Post Office established
2201879First issue of Fairplay Flume
411879Johnny Hoover (later lynched) kills Tom Bennett in Fairplay
5191879Railroad construction reaches Kenosha Pass
6211879Railroad construction reaches Como
7231879Como P. O. established
7231879Mosquito Pass toll road opens
9111879Garo plat filed
9291879Bordenville P. O. established
1031879Jefferson P. O. established
10231879Gambler Red Hanley kills William Cochran at Weston
10291879Drunken Keogh shoots bystander at Alma bar
11111879E. L. Thayer, contractor for Chinese labor, badly beaten by Como Italians
11261879Park City P. O. established
151880Mountaindale P. O. established
1251880Cicero Simms (later hanged) kills John Johnson in Alma
3221880Murder in Alma
4281880John Hoover lynched & hanged from Courthouse window
611880“Long Jack” shoots Jack Taylor in hip at Hamilton
6281880Mullenville P. O. established
6291880Garo P. O. established
7191880Fairplay incorporated
7191880Robbers take stage strongbox at Red Hill Station
7231880Hundreds see murderer Cicero Simms hang in Fairplay
891880Estabrook P. O. established
8231880Horse Shoe P. O. established
1151880John Herman killed in Handcart Gulch avalanche
11191880Harry Epperson, South Park rancher, is born
11241880Miner John Dunn dies in Mt. Bross avalanche
11251880Courthouse saved from serious fire
11251880Grant roundhouse burns
3211881Alma Town Hall destroyed in fire
3291881Hugh Louis Rice of Fair Play was issued US Patent Number 239547 for a miner's scraper
3291881Hugh Louis Rice of Fair Play was issued US Patent Number 239548 for a miner's candle holder
411881Horseshoe smelter burns
6111881Mack Harris, 12, drowns in flume near Fairplay
891881Bailey plat filed
961881Samuel E. Darne of Fair Play was issued US Patent Number 246729 for a combined cradle and nursery
111882Marie Reichenecker, South Park pioneer, dies
1171882Open house at Fairplay’s new stone school
611882Peter Horn land filing
813188215-24” snow in mountains
8311882High country miners driven out by 15-24 inches of snow
10101882Gunplay in attempted Mosquito Gulch holdup
101218823 die in train wreck near Park City
10251882Billy Redman blinded by dynamite at Champaign Mine
11281882Boiler blast kills Julius Gomer at Hall Valley sawmill
2171883Fairplay gets quarantine law for smallpox
5231883Dake P. O. established
61218832 feet snow in high peaks near Fairplay and Alma
6251883London P. O. established
11221883Old Mose (grizzly) kills Jake Radliff
122318831 killed, 2 injured in Montgomery Gulch avalanche
3191884Fairplay jailbreak by accused murderer Byard
4618842 month snow blockade on Boreas Pass RR ends
4141884King P. O. established
6141884Peter Allstrum kills neighbor Horace Voss on 31 Mile Creek
991884Simeon Truby of Alma was issued US Patent Number 304765 for an amalgamator
9251884Garo depot burns
6231885Boiler blast kills 2 at sawmill near Herring Park
731885J.J. Smith kills ex partner J.W. Grow at Webster
9221885John Parmalee, Deer Creek/South Park, pioneer dies
8111887Truro P. O. established
12201887Thomas H. Sheldon of Fair Play was issued US Patent Number 375205 for a bell rope coupling
12221887Howbert P. O. established
6251888Howbert plat filed
11131888Charles W. Fishel of Fair Play was issued US Patent Number 392793 for a flour or meal bin
12131888Phone line from Denver gets close to Jefferson
2141889Spinney P. O. established
1161889John Horn land filing
11221889Cortrite P.O. established
5151891Lake George P. O. established
5161891Kenosha P. O. established
761892Louisa Holthusen, Como rancher, dies
7151892Chase P. O. established
1181892Milo Case, Como rancher, dies
1291892S. Platte Forest Reserve created (now Pike NF)
1101893Explosion at King Coal Mine kills 24
9261893Charles O. Sumner of Fair Play was issued US Patent Number 505684 for a placer mining machine
261894Balfour P. O. established
621894Streeter sentenced to hang for killing Como Marshall Cook
931894Saloon in King robbed
11161894William Derby homestead land filing
2121895Andrew J. Carter of Alma was issued US Patent Number 534137 for a combined candle holder and cutter
9101895Willie Hosea Davis and Hugh Cicero Christy of Como was issued US Patent Number 546228 for a signal transmitter
4101896Hammond P. O. established
5231896Guffey P. O. established
9191896Tarryall II (Puma City) P. O. established
1191896Pacific Hotel in Como burns
12291896Leavick P. O. established
771897Conrad P. O. established
1111898Maggie Harrington of Hartsel was issued one fourth US Patent Number 597346 for a wheel
311898Albert Logan Gooden of Lake George was issued US Patent Number 600070 for a WHIM
9131898Addison Lysle Holmes and James Horace Campbell of Alma was issued US Patent Number 610679 for a nut lock
6191899Cassells P. O. established
6201899Black Mountain P. O. established
971899Fireman Clayton dies in runaway train on Boreas Pass
12171899Snow closes RR between Fairplay & Alma for 3 mos.
221900Last train over Boreas Pass before 5 week snow closure
3919005-week snow closure on Boreas Pass RR ends
3171900End of 3-month RR snow closure between Fairplay & Alma
4191900Shawnee P. O. established
5301900William Bailey, Bailey pioneer, dies in California
631901Ward Maxcy, early South Park sheepman, dies
1111901Doran P. O. established
451902Alice Eos, Bailey saw mill owner, is born
651902Insmont P. O. established
7271903Town hall & blacksmith shop burn in Jefferson
8241903Joseph Hartsel’s body found after missing for 2 yrs.
4301904Old Mose (grizzly) is killed
8131904Hayman P. O. established
10181904William P. Mcdowell of Hartsel was issued US Patent Number 772574 for a compound tool
10291904Hayman plat filed
211905Forest Reserves transferred to USFS
3121905Agnes Hepburn, Grant rancher, dies
3281905Elsworth E. Quaintance of Como was issued US Patent Number 785834 for a combination lock
441905Isabella Horn, Bailey rancher, dies
5121905Pikes Peak Forest Reserve created (now Pike NF)
9191905Daniel W. Denny of Tarryall was issued US Patent Number 799637 for a ditching plow
92319052 killed at London Mine
10181905Fire in Alma
11111905Cassells Hotel burns
3101906Richard Tremayne, Guffey rancher, dies
6111906Forest Homestead Act enacted
11271906William Bemrose of Alma was issued one third US Patent Number 837082 for an ore concentrator
341907Pike National Forest evolved from Forest Reserves
7291907Timothy Borden, Tarryall rancher, dies
10221907Sam Hartsel sells his ranch
1191909Milton Gibbs, Shawnee rancher, dies
651909Marie Guiraud, Garo rancher, dies
681909William.W. Ramsey of Como was issued US Patent Number 924533 for an acetylene gas generator
8191909Bailey flood
8211909Flood on 31 Mile Creek destroys crops and house
10311910RR closes Boreas line and reopens in 1913
61719121½ feet of snow in Fairplay & Alma
8131912David Edward Collard of Jefferson was issued US Patent Number 1035318 for an ignition apparatus for explosive engines
12161912Silas Wright homestead land filing
251913Oswald Henriks killed in Montgomery Gulch
2111913James Link killed in train wreck in Guatemala
8211913Maria Decker robbed and murdered at Hay Ranch
10141913Lulu A. Myers of Bailey was issued US Patent Number 1075931 for a safety hat pin
1301914Ah Yut, last Chinese miner, dies near Fairplay
6171914Lake George dam breaks
241915Hotel, Catholic Church and mine office destroyed in Alma fire
22519153 Lake George ice houses filled with 7,000 tons of ice
8311915Elenore Constance Evans of Hayman was issued US Patent Number 1152308 for a cooking steamer
11261915Henry Rockett kills Tom Mullican in Lake George
1281916Charles Wilkin (Fairplay lawyer, judge) dies
5141916William Craig, Jefferson rancher, dies
5171916Henry Rockett acquitted of murdering Tom Mullican in Lake George
12291916Stockraising Homestead Act enacted
17191718 bldgs. burn in Alma fire
6191917Charles A. De Yarman of Garo was issued US Patent Number 1230134 for a coupling device
101019174 businesses & P.O. burn in Alma
851918Last Midland RR passenger train leaves Park Co.
11211918Sam Hartsel, South Park rancher, dies in Denver
12311920Ann Bailey, Bailey pioneer, dies
4131921Glentivar P. O. established
7181922Charles D. Mcnamara of Fair Play was issued US Patent Number 1423131 for an aeroplane
1241922Lake George Hotel (former George Frost home) burns
9231924Lulu A. Myers of Bailey was issued US Patent Number 1509604 for a doll
5201926Harriet Cassells, rancher (later Camp Santa Maria), dies
361928Engineer J.P. Nichols dies in RR wreck near Como
31119286 county residents arrested for bootlegging
511928Trump P. O. established
5151928Alma School burns
5291928Charles Fitzsimmons, Bailey pioneer, dies
2121930William Tyler, Shawnee rancher, dies
4131931Charles Eddy, South Park rancher, dies
5301933George W Biller and Harriet S. Biller of Bailey was issued US Patent Number 1911423 for a hose coupler
781934Bank of Alma is robbed
3251935Wood part of Como roundhouse burns
1211936Boreas Pass train wreck
7251936Engineer McGowan dies in runaway train on Kenosha Pass
12241936Criminal killed in Bailey
3241937Fire in Alma
4101937Last passenger train leaves Como
4111937Last freight train leaves Como
351938William McConnell, Fairplay miner, dies
921938Last scrap train leaves Como
10111940Kiowa Lodge in Bailey burns
11151943Ned Corbin, Bailey rancher, dies
7181946Gus Peterson, Bailey rancher, dies
2261951Shorty, Fairplay burro, killed by car
8191951Lightning hits Ling Mine
11161951Raymond Knisely, Bailey pioneer dies
12151953Lucinda Alden Rogers, 100, South Park rancher dies
5151957South Park City Museum first opened
161962Roberts Tunnel from Dillon Reservoir completed
951962Sarah Tyler, Shawnee rancher, dies
2221965Tom McQuaid, Salt Works Ranch owner, died
1031965Mary Ella Tyler, Shawnee rancher, died
871966New Park County Hospital dedicated
661969Park County Historical Society organized
12111971Walter Schattinger, Jefferson rancher, dies
1281972Hartsel Hotel burns
12311993Eric Eos, Bailey area sawmill owner, dies
6122000Hi Meadow fire begins
642001Reggie’s Restaurant near Pine Junction burns
4232002Snaking fire begins
682002Hayman fire begins