Get a “Finish Fetish”

One definition of the word ‘fetish’ is: “an object believed to have magical power.” Another is: “an object of obsessive trust or reverence.”
I periodically advise my grandchildren to develop a ‘finish fetish,’ by which I mean: Make it a point to finish something every once in a while, just for your own sense of accomplishment.
Everybody starts projects in their lives, some of them get done, but others fall by the wayside. Some people have a habit of starting things but never finishing them.
The Archives has projects, some of which will always need more work. But there is one that needs to be finished so we can offer it to our patrons. We have about 3,500 photos that have been collected. Descriptions of them need to be updated and the information developed in a form that can be accessed on our website. You can already see the photos there, but it is sometimes difficult to find them and some of the information is sketchy.
If you don’t realize what a big undertaking that is, imagine that you have that many photos waiting to put into your family album, complete with dates, names and descriptions, so your family won’t be left guessing who that crazy looking guy was in your family tree.
There are probably projects in your life that you have put aside, intending to take them up another day. It is important for every human being to be able to look back at something and say to himself (or herself), well, I got that done, give yourself an imaginary pat on the back and give the next person you see a great big smile.
Do you have a ‘finish fetish?/