Policies and Fees

Access to the Park County Local History Archives collection is open to the general public by appointment only, provided that patrons adhere to the policies set forth by the Park County Libraries and PCLHA (Download the Collections PolicyAdopted on October 6, 2015). Food, drinks, and backpacks are not allowed in the archives and patrons may only use pencil during their visit. Patrons must complete and submit a Research Request Form in order to use the archives. Collection materials can only be retrieved by members of the PCLHA Board of Directors, and archives patrons may only receive one item at a time. Use of personal cameras is allowed in the archives free of charge provided that no materials are damaged. Scanning and copying of documents is allowed per the adopted Fee Schedule but may only be performed by a member of the PCLHA Board of Directors. PCLHA will adhere to all applicable copyright laws when making copies or scanning and use of collection materials without written consent from PCLHA is prohibited. Items from the PCLHA collection may not leave the archives facility except for digitization or preservation purposes and the Archivist must document any removal.

Fee Schedule

Members of the Park County Local History Archives Board of Directors are exempted from this fee schedule, except for image use fees. Non-Profit organizations and current PCLHA members shall be entitled to a 50 percent discount on all fees.

Copy Fees
Copier: $0.15  per page

Scanned Document:
$1.00  per page up to 10
$0.50  per page after 10 pages

Photo Fees
Copier: $0.15   per page

Digital print:   4 x 6
$2.00 600 dpi

Digital print:   5 x 7
$4.00 600 dpi

Digital print:   8 x 10
$6.00 600 dpi

Scanned photo:
$1.00 per scan at 600 dpi (CD free if requested)

Shipping & Handling
$6.00 U.S.
$15.00 International

Image Use Fees
Donors will not be charged for the use of images that they donated to the Park County Local History Archives. Credit acknowledgement and a copy of the publication is also required.

Book: $5 per image
DVD/Video: $2 per image
Broadcast TV: $2 per image
Merchandise: $2 per image
Magazine: $2 per image
Website: $2 per image
Newspaper: No fee

Research Fees
First 30 minutes free, then $15 per hour plus cost of copies